Jaguar Land Rover's InMotion takes a stab at carsharing

Jaguar Land Rover's new InMotion mobility business aims to capitalize on the growing carsharing boom and develop other forms of alternative transportation. The first pilot programs kick off in the coming months in North America, Europe, and Asia.

JLR owns InMotion, but the company acts independently from the automaker. "As a start-up business, InMotion combines the flexibility and pace needed to compete in the ever-changing mobility sector. It allows us to react quickly to new tech and ever-changing customer demands," Adrian Hallmark, JLR's Group Strategy Director, said in a statement.

The 30-person firm intends to develop its own answers to upcoming transport problems and also invest in entrepreneurs to develop those solutions. InMotion isn't yet providing many details about what projects the firm expects to tackle, but the Website mentions carsharing and on-demand delivery services.

Establishing InMotion shows that JLR doesn't want to fall behind the current trends in the auto industry. Practically every major automaker is currently pursuing future transportation ideas. For example, Ford recently took a very similar approach when it spun off Smart Mobility into a separate startup. BMW also rebranded its DriveNow carsharing service into ReachNow to also add a future ridesharing service.

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  • InMotion launched to create innovative solutions, helping customers to overcome travel and transport issues
  • Independent business with the agility and independence to react quickly in mobility sector
  • InMotion will create apps and on-demand services

Whitley, 11th April 2016: Jaguar Land Rover has launched InMotion, a new technology business that builds apps and on-demand services to overcome modern travel and transport challenges.

Next month InMotion will begin real-world testing of a number of different services such as car sharing and car ownership solutions, across North America, Europe and Asia in the coming months.

Adrian Hallmark, Group Strategy Director, Jaguar Land Rover said:"With the development of new apps and on-demand services, InMotion provides us with an opportunity to provide engaging and invaluable experiences to both new and existing customers globally."

"As a start-up business, InMotion combines the flexibility and pace needed to compete in the ever-changing mobility sector. It allows us to react quickly to new tech and ever-changing customer demands."

With technology changing the way people travel and providing access to vehicles at the swipe of a screen, more and more people are looking for ways to improve their commute to work or to access the car they want, when they want to. InMotion combines the best of the automotive and technology sectors to develop new solutions accessible via smartphones or other connected devices.

InMotion starts by carrying out in-depth research with people from around the world to learn about emerging travel and transport issues which need solving. The insights from this lead to a set of closed real-world experiments, testing multiple approaches to find the most effective.

Next, the business model and technology platform is developed, before the solution is beta launched to the public. This approach allows InMotion to build engaging and relevant services.

As wholly-owned subsidiary of Jaguar Land Rover, InMotion is based in London and will employ up to 30 people who will support entrepreneurs to build new businesses. This will give it the agility and independence to create nimble services which respond to the fast pace of the mobility sector, but with robust financial and technological support.

To sign up for more information and to participate in the forthcoming experiments and service beta trials, visit


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