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300 units will be built, all by hand

Jaguar is honing its XE SV Project 8 performance version, the car it calls its fastest four-door ever built. The manufacturer says the limited edition, 200mph sedan is almost production ready, after countless small adjustments.


Jaguar will reveal its first full EV

The electric cat is finally here.


It's a new world record

This should be a real sport.


We also check out the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and Jaguar F-Pace.

We take a new approach to "Spend My Money."


Watch pilots race drones through the back of three XJLs.

That's one way to prove your car's roomy.


The compact crossover starts at at $39,595.

Meet the F-Pace's little brother.


'The most extreme Jaguar ever' will debut at Goodwood.

Only 300 will be made.


It's a promising idea, but you might want to wait for the kinks to get ironed out.


One of the last nine XKSSs to be built pays a visit to Mr. Leno.


Ian Callum traces the lineage of the most important Jag since the E-Type.

This big electric cat is a leap forward for Jaguar.


The F-Type is a track star. It's a looker, too.


This is why you should put Montenegro on your list of beautiful countries to visit.


DEEP funds EV charging; carsharing removed 25,000 cars from London.

Jaguar celebrates a recycling milestone. EV makers will compete for lithium. Connecticut funds EV charging infrastructure. Car clubs make a big impact in London.


The Jaguar XJ220 may not have been everything it was originally envisioned to be, but it was still - for a brief time - the fastest thing on the road. Jay Leno has one by the garage for this latest video.


Harry Metcalfe explains why his Jaguar Project 7 is a very special roadster in the latest video from Harry's Garage.

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