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Long Term

Why can't I match everything?!

I'll admit this may sound slightly petty.

Long Term

Supercharged V6s have a taste for the finer things.

You need a good audio system for road trips.

Quick Spin

... because I'm having a good time!

Supercharger + AWD + snow = fun times by all.

First Drive

Aging model adds power in fight against other high-end, go-fast sedans.

The Jaguar XJR's premium trim lends a bit more modernity to the familiar cabin.

First Drive

Jaguar gambles on a wagon hunch for the States.

Folding the Sportbrake's rear seats down produces a nice, flat expanse for cargo, with no obtrusive humps or bumps on the side.

Long Term

We hope car companies keep making them as long as possible

We'd be happy if Jaguar would make the supercharger a tad louder though.

Long Term

This is an option to definitely look out for during a test drive.

Only for those with a strong dislike of scraping windshields.

Long Term

Spending six months with Jag's new best seller

In many ways, it's the opposite of our long-term XE.

Long Term

It gets great fuel economy and has power when and where you need it.

Long Term

The XE's charming chassis and clattery diesel is an automotive odd couple.

Long Term

The alternative is a gasoline engine that requires premium fuel.

Long Term

Another sport sedan! The fleet is looking good.

First Drive

More. Better. Louder. Yes, all of that.

We drive the fastest full-production Jaguar.

First Drive

The British SUV that thinks it's a sport sedan.

Jaguar came late to the crossover party but definitely did things right.


More Grace, Enough Space, And Plenty Of Pace

A very British sort of sport-luxury sedan, which packs an athletic blown V6 in a crisply tailored package. Can it take on the Germans?


Return To The Era Of Feeling

Fast cars used to be tactile cars as a matter of course. We take the thin wheel of Jaguar's new-old E-type and remember what we've lost.

First Drive

Does Cool Britannia Finally Make Sense?

Jaguar's all-new XF is a more competent car than before, and will be priced in the heart of the midsize luxury segment. As Seyth Miersma learns in Spain, there's a whole lot to like here.