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Young men really are the most aggressive drivers, AAA survey says

Risky behavior is more common among younger drivers regardless of gender

Volvo leads and Mini fails in JD Power's Tech Experience Index

Turns out owners love cameras and hate gesture controls

AAA testing finds driver-assistance tech is 'far from reliable'

The systems 'do not perform consistently, especially in real-word scenarios'

Towing 101 | Everything you need to know to tow

Our comprehensive beginners' guide to hitching up, backing up, driving

Americans weary of lockdowns hit the road this holiday weekend

Traffic in some areas is even expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels

Passenger car travel in U.S. beach counties has more than doubled since Easter, according to data by transportation analytics company StreetLight Data. "That's an indication that part of the reason why people are on the move is to go somewhere nice and summery," StreetLight Data Chief Executive Laura Schewel said. While U.S. traffic is still down some 50%, road use has more than tripled since its low point during Easter, when more than 90% of the U.S. population was under some form of lockdown

Americans weary of coronavirus lockdown getting back on the road

'We’re Americans — we don’t like to stay home'

Americans are slowly getting back on the road after hunkering down due to the coronavirus, though the volume of traffic is still well below what it was before many states issued stay-at-home orders. Drivers in the U.S. have been more active in the past week than at any time since mid-March, according to an AP analysis of StreetLight Data Inc., an analytics software company that aggregates data from smartphones and other GPS-enabled devices and combines it with information from maps and other so

Allstate is likely to offer another round of coronavirus discounts

More details from the insurance giant will come at a later date

Georgia governor waives road tests for driver's licenses in face of coronavirus

Yet this is the same state that's opening gyms, bowling alleys and nail salons

Earth Day 2020: Looking forward to a cleaner, happier post-commuting world

Working from home may be the new normal long after the coronavirus is defeated

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2020 Volvo S60 T8 Long-Term Update | Customizable road trip rock star

The S60's in-car tech allows almost endless individualization

Some tolls on U.S. roads suspended due to coronavirus

More common is switching to electronic-only toll collection

7 tips for veteran Uber and Lyft drivers to stay motivated and make more money

Tips from Ridester.com to stay motivated and earn more money

Thanksgiving travelers head into a ‘bomb cyclone’ and other winter weather

Here are all the places where it's bad

A storm packing heavy snow and high winds that wreaked havoc as it whipped through Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska marched into the upper Midwest on Wednesday as anxious Thanksgiving travelers buckled up and barreled headlong into a busy, if not perilous, holiday week. The wintry storm that left at least one person dead was expected to push eastward into South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, while a “bomb cyclone” weather phenomenon was expected to simultaneously topple trees, k

Pedestrian and cyclist deaths rise to highest level since 1990

Meanwhile, traffic deaths fell for the second straight year

U.S. traffic deaths fell 2.4% in 2018 to 36,560 although the number of pedestrians killed rose to its highest level in nearly three decades, the U.S. auto safety agency said Tuesday. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said traffic deaths fell for the second straight year - down 913 from 2017. The fatality rate fell by 3.4% to 1.13 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, the lowest rate since 2014.

Greta Thunberg has guts, but you don't need to

As she shames world leaders for their inaction, there's plenty you can do

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