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Hyundai pushes back on buttons, says its cars will keep them

'Hard' control switches and buttons will remain for now — because they're safer

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These are the worst states for speed-related traffic deaths

People in South Carolina - what are you doing?

2003 Honda Accord Coupe joins the million mile club

It's the first Honda V6 to reach the milestone

Tesla Autopilot name defies common sense, Buttigieg says

'Hands on the wheel' is not autonomous driving, says secretary of transportation

Think you're not dangerously drowsy during a long drive? Bet you are

AAA research shows that lots of drivers are tired, even if they think they're not

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Some younger drivers relish the idea of stick shifting

"Saving the manuals" crusade may be in the hands of young drivers

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2023 Toyota Sienna Platinum AWD Long-Term Update: Grateful for a simple shifter

Call us old-fashioned, but it's nice not to think twice about how to change gears

Jeep 'Death Wobble' class action settlement includes warranty extension, reimbursement

The settlement isn't final yet, but things appear to be moving in that direction

Best snow tires for winter 2022 and 2023

18 choices for cars, trucks, SUVs and performance cars

Here's a rundown, with links, of some solid choices in winter tires for cars, trucks, SUVs and performance cars.

Drivers continue to behave badly as fatalities rise, AAA says

But some engage in risky behavior they don't condone in others

These cities tweet about road rage more than anywhere else

In states with lax gun laws, things could easily spiral out of control

AAA says these are America's most dangerous roads

These roads have earned a reputation for being deadly, for varying reasons

Thanksgiving might see welcome changes in holiday travel habits

'Not everyone is traveling on that Wednesday night'

Studies show automatic emergency braking reduces rear-end crashes by half

Related injuries dropped by half, too, but pickup trucks present a problem

This 2022 Honda Civic already has almost 250,000 miles on the clock

This car has accumulated a lifetime of miles in just over a year

In California, jaywalking will soon be legal, usually

Pedestrians can worry less about jaywalking under new law

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