Chauffeur attacks motorist in road rage incident

A California man was the victim of an intense and violent road rage attack on the 405 freeway on Tuesday, but when the police were called they told the driver to shake it off. Shahnam Asbaghi told KTLA that the altercation began when a GMC Yukon private car began tailgating him.

"This limousine Yukon driver was just tailgating me the whole time since when I got onto the 405 North," Asbaghi told reporters. "It was so bad I actually got scared and nervous so I exited early."

When Asbaghi exited the freeway, the Yukon followed and rear ended him at the bottom of the ramp.

"He just rammed me with his car at probably 25, 30 miles per hour," said Asbaghi. "When he hit me he got out of his car, came around to the driver's side and punched my window four or five times. Then he ran back to his car, got in his car, and drove away."

Startled, Asbaghi followed his assailant in an attempt to get the Yukon's license plate number. After a quick chase, the Yukon stopped near Sepulveda Boulevard and Sherman Way where the driver got out of the truck, retrieved a long, unidentified item from the rear cargo area, and attacked Asbaghi's car again. Video shot by Asbaghi shows the chauffeur striking the driver's side window with the object, tossing it back in the Yukon, then leaving the scene. Asbaghi called 911, but the police weren't impressed.

"Because my head wasn't smashed, because the window wasn't smashed, no harm no foul is what they told me," Asbaghi told KTLA.

The cops did make the drivers exchange information, but no arrests were made. The Los Angeles Police Department is now looking into the incident to make sure they handled the situation correctly. The day after the attack, L.A. Private Car announced via Twitter that they fired the angry Chauffeur after reviewing the footage.

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