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Chauffeur attacks motorist in road rage incident

A California man recorded a strange and violent road rage altercation on a Van Nuys freeway that ended with a chauffeur losing his job.

Queen Elizabeth needs a new chauffeur - could it be you?

Want a job driving the Queen of England around in her Bentley State Limousine? If you've got a UK driver's license, you can apply to be the new chauffeur at Buckingham Palace.

Be posh and green. Chauffeur-First to use Lexus Hybrids

The famous Congestion Charge in central London is speeding alternatives from chauffeur companies, which are switching to greener cars for their fleets. Some have downsized to Toyota Priuses but Chauffeur-First is switching to 18 Lexus GS 600h and 5 Lexus GS 450h hybrids. Their plans are to phase out current BMW, Mercedes, Audi and gas-only Lexus models in favor of the hybrid offerings,

UK firm offers chauffeured Bentley service for just 2K/week

Anyone who's gotten married or has had to arrange for chauffeur-driven transportation for an event knows that with the hourly rates limo services charge, the bill adds up in a hurry. James Alice, a UK car-for-hire firm, built its reputation hiring out high-end cars such as the Bentley Arnage, BMW 7 Series, and an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante, primarily for wedding use, based on what's detailed on the company's website.