Electric 1960 Auto Union 1000S has vintage looks, modern power

A classic car gets a zero-emission update.

If you want to buy a classic car but somehow feel a twinge of guilt about the old engine polluting too much, then it's worth taking a look at this 1960 Auto Union 1000S on eBay Motors. The owner removed the original three-cylinder, two-stroke and installed a fully electric powertrain.

In place of the internal combustion engine, there's an Azure Dynamics three-phase AC24 motor to spin the front wheels, and it even has regenerative braking. Lithium-ion batteries replace the rear seat and extend into the trunk to supply 21.5 kWh of energy storage. The seller claims the Auto Union weighs 2,400 pounds, so the powertrain might be rather lively in such a light car.

From the outside, this Auto Union is immaculate. The owner's body-off restoration includes powder coating the chassis and suspension and repainting the exterior in Ascot Grey with the white roof. The color scheme looks perfect on cars of this era. The interior now has a digital instrument cluster in the center of the dash. We could see this change upsetting some purists because of the clash between original and modern. However, the reupholstered fabric seats look amazing.

The owner has covered 15,000 miles since the restoration, so any powertrain bugs have been worked out in that time. As of this writing, the bidding is at $15,100 with 28 bids and the reserve is not yet met. The auction ends Sunday, April 10. While the seller provides great photos with the sale, you can see the EV in motion below in a video Audi created about it in 2014.

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