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These 7 cool Jeep customs are headed for the desert

It's Easter time, and that means it's time for the 52nd Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari, held March 24 through April 1, where thousands of off-roaders crawl, scrape and scramble over the rugged trails of Moab, Utah. And that brings us to this year's colorful collection of Jeep concepts, custom-built by FCA for the occasion.


It had automatic braking and light-up wheels and tires

Imagine a vehicle with automatic braking, remote operation, self-opening doors and a big screen on the dash. You're probably imaging a Tesla Model X, but we're actually talking about a car called the Golden Sahara II, a custom car originally built in the 1950s, and it's going for auction at Mecum's event in Indianapolis.

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Can you ask for anything more than the Cordoba's workmanship?

What do we know about the Chrysler Cordoba? Well, most everyone connects the Cordoba nameplate instantly to thoughts of soft Corinthian leather – upholstery that even the spokesman himself, the late Ricardo Montalban, admitted means "nothing. What does 'David Letterman' mean?"


Porsche's affordable, VW-engined sports car.

During the second half of the 1960s, Porsche sold a four-cylinder version of the 911 as their lowest-priced car. The 912 sold well at first, but replaced by a joint Volkswagen-Porsche project, the 914, in 1969. The six-cylinder 914-6 was badged as a Porsche in Europe, while the four-cylinder 914 was sold as a Volkswagen-Porsche. In North America, all 914s were Porsche-badged, and they sold very well. Here's a '72 project car that got junked in Denver before completion.


Gullwing last changed hands over 50 years ago

Some sources regard the mid-1950s Mercedes-Benz 300SL "Gullwing" the first supercar. When it was introduced in 1954, it was certainly unlike anything else, and the 212-horsepower direct injection straight six made it the fastest production car of its day. With a rich motorsport history and the still amazing gullwing doors, the 300SL holds a special place among classic Mercedes-Benz coupes.


Award-winning car took 5 years to build, year to rebuild after crash

The British Morgan sports cars still have wood in their frames. But it's rare to see wood used to the extent that you see here: Californian car fabricator Peter Portugal is selling "The Dolphin," a hand-built wooden roadster that uses a 1979 Datsun 280ZX drivetrain and an MGB front suspension. The wood used in it comes from a 250-year-old tree that fell in a storm in 1981, certainly making it more Redwood than Radwood.


One of the last Valiants, now destined for a California crusher.

With Slant-6 225-cubic-inch engine, four doors, and gold paint, this 1975 Plymouth Valiant sedan served its owners well. Now it resides in its final parking space in Northern California.

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455 cubic inches of V8, 225 inches of Buick.

Just look at that crease running down the sides.


Why it was there is a mystery — the buyer is ‘far, far away’

Just what it was doing there is a mystery — the buyer is "far, far away."


Nicko McBrain's restomod XJ is a Series III, rethought

Jaguar Classic Works has created Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain's perfect Series III XJ.


Consumption in America got even more conspicuous with the E32 7-Series.

The V12-powered BMW E32 7-Series cars get all the attention now, but the straight-six E32s were worthy Mercedes-Benz S-Class competitors as well.


It's the most famous onscreen Volvo

Even though Aston Martins and especially the DB5 are inseparably linked with James Bond lore, the late Roger Moore never drove an Aston Martin in a 007 film. Moore's disco-era Bond was instead seen in a flashy, wedge-shaped Lotus Esprit, and only in "The Persuaders" or "Cannonball Run" did he choose an Aston. But before any of those cars, before Moore's Bond career, there's one specific long-nosed coupe of Italianate design that's probably the perfect Roger Moore car. The Volvo 1800 S, from "The

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This Signature model is based on a 1981 FJ43.

Is this the $210,900 restomod for you?

The Chrysler version of this stretched K-Car was called the E-Class. Subtle.

A midsized member of the versatile Chrysler K-Car family, with Mercedes-influenced styling. This one made it to age 31 before being discarded in Colorado.

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A classic British bruiser lurks in our reader classifieds section.

Big torque, and perhaps big maintenance bills, but enough luxury to overcome the headache?


Donor cars and parts are brought back to life with electricity

Voitures Extravert converts vintage Porsche 911s into electric vehicles with modern handling and conveniences, and a 249-mile range.


Two doors, five speeds, and a hard body.

The final model year of the original two-door Nissan Pathfinder, spotted in a wrecking yard.


Some more classic than others: These interesting castoffs will sell at no reserve

"We seem to have bought some cars that aren't Jaguars or Land Rovers," someone seemingly said. "Maybe we should sell them."


Lucille does Finland.

What's the vehicle of choice for a roadtrip in January? A 1972 Ford Country Sedan, of course!


The first model year the 924 was available in the United States.

This one has double-digit horsepower and an old-timey four-speed transmission.