The 2013 Ford Fusion is probably the latest, greatest example of a completely redesigned car that has evoked widespread calls of "Look at that!" Above its buzzworthy looks, though, Ford will be concerned about how the 2013 Fusion sells and by how much – if at all – it beats sales of the previous version. has run the sales numbers on 61 models that have been redesigned in the past four years, ranking them as Winners, Underperformers and Losers depending on how a new-generation model is selling compared to the one it replaces.

The rankings are sorted by sales class – small, medium and large sellers – so that the success of a niche sports car is weighted differently than the success of a popular midsize car. Compared to a four-year sales average for redesigned cars in each class, Winners were those who outsold the average, Underperformers didn't make the average but did outperform the previous year's (hence, the previous car's) sales, while Losers couldn't do any better anywhere.

Among the most recently introduced winners were the Toyota Camry and the Honda CR-V. The Camry beat the Four-Year Category Average Redesign Increase for large sellers by 2.2 percent, the CR-V managed 0.2 percent. Underperformers included the Audi A6/S6 which, even though it has outsold the previous generation by 58 percent, still isn't getting near the small seller category average of 79.2 percent. The new Hyundai Accent is also considered an underperformer, the new model boosting sales by 5.5 percent – nowhere near the 61.5 percent of the medium seller category average. The only Loser listed in the chart is the Honda Civic, taking one last thrashing before the "honed" 2013 redesign gets a chance to right the ship.

As for that Fusion, the 2013 model has strong numbers to follow: the 2010 Fusion was a huge winner, putting up a 55.1-percent increase in the large seller category, beating the average by 33 percent. It only trailed the redesigned 2011 Hyundai Sonata shown above, which pasted the average by 42.5 percent. You can find a few more of the ranked models in's chart by heading over to their website.

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