Ford Fusion

Blue Oval Goes All-In On The Family Sedan War With Style and Variety An Aston Martin Rapide followed us in traffic for nearly 20 minutes immediately after we climbed out of the all-new 2013 Ford Fusion. With the attractive styling of America's latest four-door sedan still very fresh in our...

- Reviewed by Michael Harley


2016 Ford Fusion
MSRP: $22,600 - $32,880
2015 Ford Fusion
MSRP: $22,500 - $32,780
2014 Ford Fusion
MSRP: $21,970 - $32,600
2013 Ford Fusion
MSRP: $21,900 - $32,200
2012 Ford Fusion
MSRP: $20,705 - $29,175
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2016 Ford Fusion hybrid, plug-in getting $900 price cut

Ford is reportedly cutting the price of both the Fusion Hybrid and Energi plug-in hybrid by $900 for the 2016 model year. The move makes them more attractive to buyers in light of cheaper gas prices and updated challengers on the way.
Ward's calls out Ford's EcoBoost engines for their crummy fuel economy

After testing for its 10 Best Engines, Ward's is wondering where the eco – as in economical or eco friendly – is in Ford's strong-selling line of EcoBoost engines.

For Sale

2012 Ford Fusion
$14,909 / 93,843 miles / WA
2010 Ford Fusion
/ 94,575 miles / WA
2014 Ford Fusion
$19,837 / 28,522 miles / WA
"Its light steering yields ample feedback and the whole package changes direction with remarkable ease.
Forde Motion Picture Lab
306 Fairview Ave N Seattle, 32573 0.6 miles
Ford Graphics
1535 4th Ave S Seattle, 32598 1.5 miles
University Ford
4311 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, 32569 3.4 miles