Still from 2007 Toyota Dealer Training clip - click above image to watch the video

Over the past couple of weeks, we've shown you the did-not-age-well 1989 Ford dealer training videos, and the completely laughable + hopeless late-Eighties Chevrolet dealer training clips. Interestingly, in the waning years of Ronald Reagan's America, the domestics weren't doing so bad. The Big Three still had over 70% of the U.S. market and sentiments like, "Mazda! Not in my parking lot" still existed in cities outside of Detroit. Fast-forward twenty years and, well, you know the story. Ford mortgaged the farm to keep the lights on while General Motors and Chrysler sought government shelter. Meanwhile, Toyota is the largest automaker in the world, bar none, though these days Volkswagen's nipping at their heels. And we'd bet that you've owned at least one "import."

Here we have a Toyota dealer training video from just two short years ago. In it, a Dan Cortez-style host tells a trailer-towing Tundra dealer/driver to "take off like a bat out of hell" and then engage the ABS (panic stop) with his hands off the wheel. And yeah, the Tundra is an impressive truck in the video. As the host says, "The domestics were asleep at the wheel." And you could make that argument in 2007. Too bad for Toyota that Ford came out with the 2008 F-150 and Dodge followed up with the 2009 Ram. Full video after the jump.

[Source: YouTube]

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