VIDEO: Priceless 1989 Ford dealer training films offer timeless amusement

1989 Ford dealer training clip - click above image to watch the videos

Y'all remember Robocop? You know, the really excellent Eighties action masterpiece about a shot-to-hell cop that comes back as a bulletproof robot to rid Detroit of ├╝ber baddies like the ruthless Clarence Boddiker and super villain Dick Jones? Well, what you may not remember about Paul Verhoeven's 1987 masterpiece is all the social satire. From the 6000 SUX (8 mpg!) to the slaps at very privatized health care (Jensen Sport model heart!) to the Nuke 'Em family home game, the satire was rich and sardonic.

But where did Verhoeven get the fodder for his gags? Dunno, but it's been said that 49% of the population doesn't get sarcasm. Which explains how these 1989 Ford dealer training ads got made. Someone at Ford saw Robocop and said, "Yes! That's the medium we've been looking for." Don't believe us? Make the jump and watch two of them (one on the Festiva and Escort, and another on the Crown Victoria) for yourself.

[Source: YouTube via Michael Banovsky]

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