VIDEO: Chevy dealer training film from the Eighties makes you wonder how GM sold any cars back then

1989 Chevrolet Celebrity Dealer Training Video - click above to watch the video

Yesterday we got to look (and LAUGH) at the Robocop-inspired goofiness of some late-Eighties Ford dealer training videos. Ha ha ha! But, you just know that given the chance, General Motors will up the both the corn and cheese factors by several hundred percent. Case in point, the 1989 dealer training film for the Chevrolet Celebrity. Here's the premise: A very successful CEO (the one in the killer pants) takes his young, just out of MBA school new hire golfing in his Chevy Celebrity. Which gives you some key insight into how mentally deranged General Motors could be two decades ago. Like, why not put a successful CEO-type in a Cadillac or an Oldsmobile -- even a Buick?

Anywho, the junior exec asks the CEO, "Don't you think it's, well, too conservative?" To which Mr. Silly Pants scolds, "Too conservative? My boy, in the financial business it's hard to get too conservative." But he then calls the Celebrity "as modern as they come" before bragging about its performance.

Once on the links, they meet up with a total stranger that happens to be a hardcore Ford Taurus hating Chevrolet Celebrity fan. Then big boss man and the perfect Chevy stranger take turns dissing on the young guy's 1976 Plymouth Fury. And then there's the twist at the end, featuring a Eurosport Celebrity. Its Eurosportiest feature? A heavy duty battery. And we haven't even mentioned the amazing, six-and-a-half minute guitar solo laden 1987 Camaro training video. You are going to want to watch both, after the jump. A hearty tip of the tam o'shanter to Daniel and Michael.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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