In lieu of taking private jets for their upcoming second visit to Washington, a new suggestion has recently been made: caravan to the nation's capitol in next-gen, fuel efficient cars. As far as being green goes, perhaps the only better option would be to carpool together, and since we can't see that happening any time soon, let's investigate the other option. Ford would have the easiest choice, as the Blue Oval has just recently introduced its new Fusion hybrid, which is the most efficient vehicle in its class by a wide margin. We suggest they leave the equally-new 2010 Mustang in Dearborn. Chrysler's team could all pile into its new Chrysler EV, which is an electrified minivan. It may never make it into production, but it would at least be visible.

General Motors is a bit tougher. As Motor Trend points out, the General's most advanced hybrid models are trucks and SUVs, not exactly glowing green examples. The Mailbu hybrid would take a major second seat to the Fusion, so that wouldn't do. That leaves us with the, um... Volt? Lutz has stated that the cars are performing well in testing, and we can think of no better or more public way of proving that point. So, what'll it be?

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