Detroit 2008: EyesOn Design Awards favor Cadillac

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One bit of news we passed over on the way out the door of COBO Hall on Tuesday was the winners of this year's EyesOn Design Awards at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. There are four awards given away each year, including Best Concept and Production Car and Best Concept and Production Truck. Cadillac sweeped the car side of things with the CTS-V being honored as Best Production Car and the CTS Coupe Concept named as the Best Concept Car. The BMW X6, meanwhile, was named Best Production Truck and the Chrysler ecoVoyager Concept nabbed the Best Concept Truck award.

The EyesOn Design awards are sponsored by the Detroit Institute of Opthamology and judged by a panel of automotive designers including ex-VP of Design for GM Wayne Cherry, Chrysler's Senior VP of Design Trevor Creed, the renowned Henrik Fisker, GM's VP of Global Design Ed Welburn and Mazda's Franz von Holzhausen.

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[Source: The Detroit Free Press]

While we won't argue the panel's choice of two Cadillacs for its production and concept car awards, we're befuddled about how a group of world-class designers would choose the Chrysler ecoVoyager as the Best Concept Truck ahead of other concepts in attendance including the Toyota A-BAT Concept, Cadillac Provoq Concept, Ford Explorer America Concept, Honda Pilot Prototype, Lincoln MKT Concept and Saab 9-4X Biopower Concept. You already know our feelings on Chrysler's trio of concepts that debuted in Detroit, which include the ecoVoyager Concept, and while we aren't making the argument that all of the aforementioned truck concepts are prettier than the ecoVoyager, we can pick out at least four that we prefer more.

As for the BMW X6 winning Best Production Truck ahead of both the big dogs from Ford and Dodge, keep in mind these vehicles were being judged on their design alone, and we can see how the X6 could be considered by a group of designers as more visually interesting than the new F-150 and Ram.

Do you think the EyesOn Design honors were awarded correctly? Let us know in the comments, and you can peruse a list of all the vehicles at the show here for a refresher.

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