Detroit 2008: Evolving the Explorer - Ford Explorer America concept LIVE

Update: Video of the Explorer America concept reveal is available after the jump.

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The unveiling of Ford's Explorer America concept might finally prove that the end of the SUV era is upon us. FoMoCo's stalwart 'ute has left the body-on-frame world and joined the ranks of crossovers that – if you believe the hype – are quickly filling up the SUV-sized vacuum left in garages across the country.

On the outside, Ford decided to keep several of the design cues that have defined the Explorer over the years, simply smoothing the edges, raising the belt line and giving it a healthy injection of futuristic lines that would make it a shoe-in as Robocop's next black-and-white cruiser. The sliding door on the passenger side might not make it to production, but it would be a smart addition to bridge the gap between machismo and minivan.

Check out our previous post for all the details on the Ford Explorer America.

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