Detroit 2008: The Cadillac Provoq shows its face in the Midwest

click above for more live high-res images of the Cadillac Provoq Concept

We've already covered Cadillac's Provoq E-Flex fuel-cell vehicle during its first public appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, but GM also rolled it across the stage here in Detroit. There were no additional technical details or hints towards production plans (either for the E-Flex powertrain or the BRX crossover that this design represents), but we at least got to spend a few minutes up close and personal with the concept to snap some shots of the whiter-than-the-pure-driven-snow interior. Also note the chromed cowl vent. Oh, and the Provoq wears what has to be the skinniest tires we've seen on a concept car in recent memory.

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