The Bull Rages On: Lamborghini SUV renderings

The prospect of a new Lamborghini sport-ute is enough to send the automotive press scurrying for details and even credible speculation. Last month, we brought you a report based on spy shots of a disguised Porsche Cayenne that was thought to be a possible Lambo test mule. Now our friends over at Info Motori have issued a few renderings of what they think a future Lamborghini truck should look like.

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[Source: Info Motori]

The images show what you could basically call a Murcielago LP640 all jacked up on 'roids and wearing combat boots. The "design language" is approximately in stride with the current Lamborghini line-up, only with an aggressive off-road stance that couldn't be mistaken for a crossover. Which is just as well, because the original Lamborghini SUV, the LM002, was about as potent an off-roader as they come. It was essentially an Italian take on the Hummer (Iong before the Oltre Fiat came along), having competed for the same Pentagon contract as the original H1.

While some speculation places the Gallardo's V10 under the hood of a future Lambo truck, Info Motori suggests that, like the LM002 which used the Countach's V12, their concept – dubbed LM005 Lagartijo – would be powered by the latest adaptation of the Lamborghini V12, as used in the Murcielago.

One of the most interesting elements of this design gives the concept truck half-doors in the back, à la Mazda RX-8. That lets the design retain a coupe-like profile (also in keeping with the rest of the Lambo line-up) while granting access to the rear seats.

For what it's worth, we hope these predictions come true.

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