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Speculation Abounds

Tesla CEO Elon Musk uses Twitter to announce a major new product line that will be announced at the end of April. The twist? It won't be a new car.


If you've been looking at the seven-figure price tags (plus or minus) on the latest batch of hypercars, and wondering how their manufacturers could possibly charge that much, consider that their predecessors typically traded at well above their list price as it is. The Ferrari Enzo, for example, listed for "only" $650k, but with production limited to 349 units, demand far outstripped supply, driving the mark-up into seven-figures. In fact Enzos are still selling for a million or more at auction.


Motor Authority has been apparently been exchanging whispers in the corner regarding the Veloster with someone from Hyundai, and has been told that there is "still left room in the lineup for a higher-performance variant" than the Veloster Turbo. The consensus in certain circles, including ours, is that the boosted version of the funky three-door is a healthy step above the base model but doesn't posses the true grit to joust with the segment's defining hot hatches.


According to the rumors kicking around the web, the next-generation Ford Mustang is going to look quite a bit different from the current model. Auto Express is reporting that when the 50th anniversary version of the pony touches down in 2014, it will arrive in unfamiliar markets, including the UK. That means that the muscle car will boast a right-hand drive interpretation for the first time in its history. The RHD Mustangs will supposedly be built right here in the good ol' U.S. of A. and be shi

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Over on the VWvortex Forums, forum member DoctorNo says that what you see above is a rendering of the new Lexus Prius. This new hybrid (in more than one sense) will feature lithium-ion batteries, all the luxury amenities one would expect from the brand and should be available in late 2010 or early 2011. This redesigned Prius would blend elements that made the Prius so popular (the hybrid synergy drive, of course, and some of design language) while moving into a Lexus look and a $30,000+ price ta

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/design/Rumormill_run_amok_Ferrari_building_an_SUV'; There are some rumors circulating the web that could very well be true, and some you just hope are true. This, however, doesn't fall into either category. The speculation is over a possible Ferrari sport-utility vehicle, and we're not buying.

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AudiWorld has confirmed with sources at Audi that the next generation A4 will indeed debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in about four months. Not surprisingly, the new A4 will share much of its look with the recently released A5 coupe. These renderings by Matt Daniels show what basically look like four-door versions of the A5. The cars have a charachter line along the side sheetmetal that bows upward over the slightly flared fenders. The line appears on the A5 and is one element that has certainly

Whenever a hot new vehicle is announced, potential buyers flock to dealerships to put down deposits and add their name to waiting lists. Most are motivated by the joy of being first, while others are motivated by the almighty dollar. In our minds, the jury is still out on these prospect buyers and the morality of their motivations, but whatever the market will endure is fine by us.

Speculations that Ford Motor Co. may be selling its Jaguar brand may have been lessened, if not outright stricken, during a seminar at the Center for Automotive Research in Michigan. Ford President of the Americas Mark Fields, who spoke at the seminar, suggested the luxury marque would be repositioned as a "niche brand" which would sell fewer, but more profitable vehicles. This is similar to Porsche' strategy and a recapitulation of Ford's redirection of Jaguar since 2004. However, Fields did no

Well here's a merger candidate coming out of left field lane. Hyundai Motors, still reeling from the imprisonment of its CEO Chung Mong-Koo (who has since been released) and on-going union strikes, could be looking for a partner. Apparently the possibility of a GM and Renault/Nissan alliance, plus Toyota's relentless march towards world's number one automaker status, is putting a serious crimp in the Korean automaker's plans to be number 5 by 2010. A Hyundai spokesperson states the company will