No hybrids in Ward's Auto World's Ten Best Engines of 2006

While hybrids have been included in past years' Ten Best High-Tech Engines list put out by Ward's Auto World, this year they missed out. Technoride has got a little slideshow of the ten engines and cars you can find them in and says that hybrids are absent because Ward's felt that "mixed real-world fuel economy, reduced economy in cold weather, and non-premium sounds from premium-price hybrid engines" made them less attractive.

The winners included (in alphabetical order): Audi 200-hp Turbo Four, Audi 340-hp V8, BMW 255-hp Inline-6, DC 350-hp Hemi V8, Ford 300-hp V8, GM 205-hp Supercharged I4, GM 250-hp Turbo V6, Mazda 274-hp Turbo Four, Nissan 298-hp V6, Toyota 306-hp V6. Most of the cars these engines are in get around 15-20 mpg in the city and 22-27 on the highway. That's the best, huh?

[Source: Technoride, submitted by Jennifer DeLeo]

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