BMW: From Ultimate Driving Machine to Official Car of the Creative Class

BMW might be willingly giving up its title of the Ultimate Driving Machine... at least in its advertising. BMW execs were shocked to find out that a whopping 75-percent of luxury car buyers aren't considering a BMW, despite the brand's dominance in terms of sales. The answer? Push design and financial independence, and have the brass to develop advertising campaigns that draw the creative class, not simply stuffy old business types.

In one ad, BMW moons the viewer with the 7-series' Bangle-butt, featuring the tagline, "Not taking risks is risky." The ad is a direct hit on everyone who has called the BMW's infamous design a tragedy, only to see the likes of Audi and Toyota adopt similar styling motifs. Another ad takes a shot at the luxury carmakers that "report" to a non-luxury higher power, i.e. Volvo/Ford, Mercedes/DaimlerChrysler, Audi/Volkswagen and Acura/Honda.

The last element of the campaign: ditch traditional media for the non-traditional, such as web sites and other hangouts of creative types like independant coffee shops that sell "special" brownies.

[Source: BusinessWeek]

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