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German tuners can get wild too.

Look for the car at Geneva.


But you can imagine what it would be like if you could.

This would be a pretty unsafe way to play video games if it were real. Here's why it's not.


The real surprise would be if the car changed signifcantly.

This car appears to be the new 911 Carrera 4S.


It's like a playground. For adults. With really fast cars.


The engine in the latest Le Mans competitor is in front of the rear axle.

This 911 RSR isn't like other 911s.


And you can too!

The new Porsche Experience Center in LA has some unique features, including a 1:1 replica of the most iconic corner from the most iconic track.


A four-mile racetrack sounds like a practical Porsche perk.

The complex is a playground for all things Porsche.


This development mule is likely hiding a new modular platform.

Shall we call it the 992, then?


What could be better than the 277 911 and Fugu Z sharing the same road?

Two big-time car guys drive two classic, naturally aspirated rides on a gorgeous mountain road.


Good news on both counts.

This styling update is so good it makes the existing GT3 look a little dated already.


Panamera who?

Porsche promises more power, with the same great dynamics.


Contrasting the orange Targa is a gunmetal gray coupe that's rather understated.

Singer likes to say that it "reimagines" the Porsche 911, and if that's true, these twins may be their most imaginative yet.


Thanks to Bisimoto Engineering, this 911 is getting an engine from Hyundai. And probably a ridiculous amount of power.


For sale. As is, where is.

There are three Porsches up for auction in southeastern Michigan, but considering one's been flattened and all three are torched, you probably shouldn't bid.


Luxury brands continue to reign supreme.


Electric 911 could be 10 years away.

Porsche's not interested in an electric 911 ... for right now.


Don't act surprised.

Prices of low-volume sports cars have a tendency to skyrocket, especially when they're as lauded as the new Porsche 911 R. Prices for the so-called purist's Porsche should surprise no one.

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