Talk that talk: Porsche made a video about its five loudest cars

Including the 1978 911 SC Safari!

Porsche is keeping its Top 5 series rolling, this week exploring some of the soundtracks that help make its cars so special. Returning to its Zuffenhausen museum warehouse, Porsche brings to attention five of the loudest cars the brand has ever built.

Using a decibel meter, motoring personalities Jean Pierre Kraemer and Benjamin Marjanac took exact measurements to sort out exactly what cars had the most raucous exhaust notes, a mission that would delight any auto enthusiast. They check out the 1978 911 SC Safari, the 911 RSR, the 928 Trigema, the 804 Formula 1, and the 911 Carrera RSR Turbo 2.1.

The Safari is the first car up at No. 5. It registers 122.9 decibels on the meter and offers a deep, almost muscle car-type cough. The second is the RSR, which sounds like a sharp bark in comparison. It spits flames from the exhaust tips and registers 123.4 decibels.

The third car is the 928 Trigema, which houses an aggressive racing engine that creates an extremely raw, loud battle cry. It was significantly louder than the RSR at 126.4 decibels. The second-loudest is a pure racer, the 804 Formula 1 car from the '60s. It has a 180-horsepower horizontally opposed flat-eight engine that screams up to an eardrum-shaking 137.8 decibels.

The final and loudest car is the Carrera RSR Turbo 2.1. It's so loud that the hosts had to wear muffs to protect their ears. I hits 138.1 decibels, in part because there is virtually nothing that comes after the turbo to mute the sound.

The numbers are fun and all, but reading how loud something is doesn't really get the message across. Check out the video and hear for yourself.

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