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    Video: Koenigsegg Agera gets official Guinness World Record for quickest 0-300-0 km/h

    Koenigsegg is officially amazing, at least according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The well-known record-keeping organization has granted the Koenigsegg Agera the record of quickest 0-300-0 kilometers per hour by a two-seat production car. The time? A scant 21.19 seconds, recorded at the ...

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    G-Power Hurricane M5 claims mantle as fastest BMW with 730HP

    click above to view more high-res images o fhte G-Power Hurricane M5 Coaxing more power from an engine as finely-tuned as BMW M-division's 500-horsepower V10 is no easy task. But that didn't stop German aftermarket tuner G-Power, which managed to get total power output up to a staggering 730 hp for ...

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    Ford's Hydrogen Fusion 999 qualifies for top speed run at Bonneville

    Click the Fusion for high-res images from BonnevilleMatt Zuehlk and his team comprised of engineers and technicians from Ford, Roush and Ballard Power Systems finally hit the Bonneville Salt Flats this past weekend after months of preparation and weeks of vehicle integration testing. On Sunday, ...

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    SSC Ultimate Aero TT closes in on record with 241 mph run

    click on above image for more high-res pics of the SSC Ultimate Aero TTBack in March, SSC went for the mantle of World's Fastest Production Car with its Ultimate Aero TT. The attempt failed due to a number of factors, one of which was bad weather, but SSC is still determined to take the title away ...

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    Alonso's the fastest driver in F1

    "We all know the great drivers – they're the ones who win the world titles – but what about the truly quick ones?" That's the question F1 Racing magazine asked, and answered with a study published in the January issue. They surveyed the insiders – from team leaders to former world ...

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    Red Victor One: The world's fastest street legal car?

    Video of what may be the world's fastest street legal car made its rounds around the blogosphere last night, and we have to say the Red Victor One, a 1971 Vauxhall Victor powered by a 2,200 bhp, twin-turbo 9.8-liter V8, is a rather impressive beast, if not incredibly limited in its abilities. ...

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    Making it official: Bugatti Veyron going for fastest production car

    This came as a bit of a shock to us, but the Bugatti Veyron is not actually the fastest production car in the world according to that authoritative tome of useless and wonderful knowledge, the Guinness Book of World of Records. It seem Bugatti just never got around to scheduling an official ...


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