The McLaren P-1 may not be on your shopping list any time soon, but it does represent the car that many 1-percenters have been waiting for from McLaren, the renown maker of Formula-1 race cars and super-priced street racers coveted by wealthy driving enthusiasts.

The company released the first official images of its P1 design study, the precursor to the super-car they will offer to the public that speed racers have been waiting for. This stunning car will make its debut next week at the Paris Auto Show.

Calling the P1 McLaren's next "ultimate supercar," McLaren says this concept takes its inspiration from the company's rich racing heritage. Says Autoblog: "Visually, we certainly see the connection with the late, great McLaren F1 – the concept seems to blend the proportions of the F1 with the overall design language of the current MP4-12C. With an exceedingly brief, snubbed nose flowing into wildly sculpted rear bodywork (we're especially fond of the rear three-quarter view), the P1 is more dramatic and compelling than it's relatively staid MP4-12C little brother, truly selling the supercar idea without having to move a wheel. That the concept is rendered in a searing shade of orange metallic doesn't hurt, either."

The P1 is not intended to be the world's fastest vehicle in terms of "absolute top speed," according to the company. While there is a competition among super-car makers to achieve the fastest track speeds, McLaren says their goal is for this car to be "the quickest and most rewarding series production road car on a circuit." Okay. Not the fastest. But the coolest.

After the Paris showing of the P1, the car will go on sale to the private-equity and oil sheik crowd in late 2013.

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