Alonso's the fastest driver in F1

"We all know the great drivers – they're the ones who win the world titles – but what about the truly quick ones?" That's the question F1 Racing magazine asked, and answered with a study published in the January issue. They surveyed the insiders – from team leaders to former world champions – and compared driver's stats to the performance of their team-mates to arrive at a list of the Top 50 quickest drivers of all time.

The late, great Ayrton Senna took the top honors, followed by the recently retired Michael Schumacher in second place. Reigning world champion Fernando Alonso took eighth place, but more importantly was the top-ranked driver currently racing, coming ahead of Kimi Raikkonen (13th) and well ahead of Jarno Truli (42nd), Mark Webber (43rd) and Jenson Button (49th). Shockingly, Alonso also finished ahead of some of history's greatest like Gilles Villeneuve (11th), Alain Prost (14th) and Niki Lauda (18th).

Will Alonso continue to live up to the rank F1 Racing attributed to him? We'll enjoy finding out.

[Source: F1 Racing via]

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