Video of what may be the world's fastest street legal car made its rounds around the blogosphere last night, and we have to say the Red Victor One, a 1971 Vauxhall Victor powered by a 2,200 bhp, twin-turbo 9.8-liter V8, is a rather impressive beast, if not incredibly limited in its abilities. Built by Andy Frost, a 45-year-old Brit who estimates he's pumped about $187,000USD into the car, the Victor One is basically a street legal drag car capable of reaching 60 mph in 1 second and running the quarter in 7.8 seconds at 183.07 mph. Surely the Red Victor One is an impressive machine, able to embarass Veyrons and Enzos all day long in a straight line. Turning, however, is a different story, as this street legal drag racer probably handles like the QE2.

The car, however, actually isn't in a class by itself, it just benefits from a rather sensationally titled YouTube video. We thought for sure someone had built a street legal Supra that could match the Red Victor One, but couldn't locate one on the internets. A quick survey of the tubes, however, revealed a 1966 Chevelle that back in 1994 did the quarter in 7.85 seconds at 172.41 mph using a 632ci big-block and many liters of nitrous. Of course, one thing the YouTube video doesn't specify is whether Red Victor One takes its passes on street tires or slicks, which would make a significant difference. Still, props must be given to Andy Frost and the Victor; both are truly insane.

[Sourcce: Engadget]

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