Banks Sidewinder D-Max Type-D runs a 7.96-seconds at 167.34-mph

You may already be aware that diesel engines have the inherent capability to make a great deal of power. This fact has once again been proven by Gale Banks and his crew. In addition to owning the World Record for the fastest diesel pickup truck ever at 217.306 miles per hour in the standing mile, Banks now can claim the fastest time ever down the quarter mile drag strip. The new record, 7.96 seconds at 167.34 miles per hour was set in Banks' Sidewinder S-10 pickup using a 2006 Duramax diesel engine which has been modified to produce over 1000 horsepower.

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[Source: Banks Power,]

Press Release:

Wittmann, Arizona December 18, 2007 - - "We were just at the
strip to test a new torque converter set-up; but the clocks told us that
we were going even quicker and faster than we did a month ago when
we set a new record in Las Vegas," said a beaming Gale Banks. "I
couldn't be more proud of this team and their accomplishment."

Turning an astonishing 7.96 seconds at 167.34 miles an hour, the
Duramax-powered Banks Sidewinder S-10 became the first diesel truck
into the sevens on only its fifteenth and fastest-ever pass down a
quarter mile drag strip.

The S-10 ran this new record with the same road-racing specification
engine that it used at the ACDelco Nationals. A new (stronger) drag
race specification engine is on the engine stand at Banks right now.

This test took place at the NHRA-sanctioned Speedworld Dragstrip in
Wittmann, Arizona.

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