• VW Golf R
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    Fastest-selling used cars of 2018

    Sometimes, owners and dealers struggle to sell vehicles. See this list of the slowest-selling used cars for proof of that. Other vehicles, like the ones you'll see on this list, just seem to fly off dealer lots.

    This list is a bit mystifying at times, but it’s clear consumers are definitely interested in hybrids and electrics. What we won’t see depicted in this list is the full-court press of crossovers and SUVs manufacturers are putting on. That might come a few years from now after a bunch of these newer vehicles wind their way into the used car market.

    It’s pretty much a no-brainer, but price and reliability seem to be the two biggest factors in moving a used car off the lot fastest. Head to the next slide to start the list.

  • Hyundai Veloster
    • Image Credit: Hyundai

    10. Hyundai Veloster Turbo

    Hyundai Veloster Turbo: 36 days

    The Veloster is a polarizing little car, which makes it a bit surprising to see on this list. Most of the other cars here are your garden-variety sedan or hybrid. It would make sense to see this car sit on dealer lots for longer, but it looks like it might be weird and spunky enough to really catch the attention of buyers. When new it’s a cheap car, so used car prices drop it down even more too.

    Hyundai Veloster Information

    Hyundai Veloster
  • Honda Accord
    • Image Credit: Honda

    9. Honda Accord

    Honda Accord: 35.5 days

    No surprises here; we expected the Accord to make this list due to its consistent success over the years. People look for reliability and price in the used car market, and the Accord checks both those boxes. This vehicle is the only midsize sedan on this list, though, so that segment of cars doesn’t represent what sells fast all the time.

    Honda Accord Information

    Honda Accord
  • Toyota Corolla
    • Image Credit: Toyota

    8. Toyota Corolla

    Toyota Corolla: 34.9 days

    We'd guess that the Corolla is on this list for the same reasons as the Accord. Toyota’s reputation of being a reliable carmaker helps out big time when making a decision on a used vehicle. However, we would take the new hatch over any of the Corollas of the past few years. Since the little Toyota is cheap and nearly everybody under the sun recognizes the name, it moves off dealer lots at a decent pace compared to others. Not as well as its closest competitor up next though.

    Toyota Corolla Information

    Toyota Corolla
  • Honda Civic
    • Image Credit: Honda

    7. Honda Civic

    Honda Civic: 34.7 days

    Just edging out the Corolla is the Honda Civic. Redesigned for 2015, the Civic became a much more appealing choice than it was before. That work reflects in sales numbers and apparently time to sell as well. The much more fun and pricier versions like the Civic Si and Type R are worth the extra dough if you can swing it.

    Honda Civic Information

    Honda Civic
  • Volkswagen Golf R
    • Image Credit: Volkswagen

    6. Volkswagen Golf R

    Volkswagen Golf R: 34.4 days

    Here’s our first and only true hot hatch on this list. The Veloster is sporty, but the Golf R is a serious performance car. This one might be the most surprising due to the exorbitant price these things go for, but they’re clearly desirable once depreciation has hit. VW updates the Golf R pretty regularly, keeping it in line with the competition and ensuring that even used Rs compare well to newer cars.

    Volkswagen Golf Information

    Volkswagen Golf
  • Chevy Volt
    • Image Credit: Chevrolet

    5. Chevrolet Volt

    Chevy Volt: 34.3 days

    Now is when we get into all the hybrid and electric vehicles on this list. Consumers want cars with good gas mileage and they want them now, apparently. The Volt is certainly one of the best of its ilk. A recent overhaul gave a great boost to its electric-only range, so that makes it even more desirable. Volts aren’t particularly cheap when new, but the price on a used one is extremely attainable when compared to the almost $40,000 average sticker price, though most people do pay less than that after federal incentives are taken into consideration.

    Chevrolet Volt Information

    Chevrolet Volt
  • Toyota Prius
    • Image Credit: Toyota

    4. Toyota Prius

    Toyota Prius: 33.4 days

    The Prius has been unbelievably popular for a long time now, and has become a symbol for hybrids and green technology. While it has traditionally been a car that enthusiasts turn their noses up at, others seem to be quite happy with their purchases. There’s clearly no issue with trying to get them off the lot as this study shows.

    Toyota Prius Information

    Toyota Prius
  • BMW i3
    • Image Credit: BMW

    3. BMW i3

    BMW i3: 33.4 days

    The BMW i3 was not a cheap car when it came out. But depreciation has hit it hard, and you can pick one up for an astonishingly low price. The average used car price on an i3 is $23,964 according to iSeeCars, but a new model will run you about $53,000. It’s no surprise why people snap these fun little electrics up when they can at such affordable prices.

    BMW i3 Information

    BMW i3
  • Tesla Model S
    • Image Credit: Tesla

    2. Tesla Model S

    Tesla Model S Information

    Tesla Model S
  • Toyota Prius C
    • Image Credit: Toyota

    1. Toyota Prius C

    Toyota Prius C: 29.6

    The cheap compact Prius C is the leader of fastest-selling used cars by a long shot. It’s nearly three days quicker than the Model S in second, and the separation between 10th and second is only 3.6 days. Coming out with a small, cheap hybrid that goes by the name of “Prius” was a stroke of genius by Toyota. At the same time, total sales have plummeted over the last couple years, so it could be getting stale. It’s clearly still a force to be reckoned with on the used market though, and probably will be for some time to come due to its basement-level pricing.

    Toyota Prius C Information

    Toyota Prius C
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