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VW to pay $1.6B for diesel cars in Canada.

Why are these Smarts burning up? VW's Dieselgate costs surpass $18 billion in North America. Tesla's referral program nominated for an award.

Better to recycle than reuse lithium-ion batteries.

Rent any Smart for up to three months in Europe. VW to bring MOIA to US coasts in 2018. Don't reuse li-ion batteries; recycle them.

Point-to-point car sharing service lasted five years.

The fun ends on New Year's Eve, 2016.

If this is the EV for you, you probably already know it.

Stand out, zip away.

The Ford F-150, Subaru WRX, and Audi A3 also lost their checkmarks.

Honda's excellent compact sedan isn't so excellent, according to Consumer Reports.

The long arm of the law gets the shortest car on the road.

It might go farther, too.

It will also come to dealer lots next year.

Smart sets new record with parade; ChargePoint Home is on sale.

Will.i.am's Tesla is hard to miss. Smart drivers set a record in Hamburg. ChargePoint celebrates Drive Electric week with a sale. Check out Mahindra Racing's new livery.

But why?

Smart's new roof option recalls the dark ages of automotive design.

The all-new 2017 Smart Fortwo Cabrio is the only convertible available for under $20,000.

And what 48-volt systems mean for the industry.

The engines will have mild-hybrid functions without the complexity and expense of high-voltage systems.

Smart Fortwo ED will come to US first; Cabrio ED also scheduled.

Smart announces a new Forfour electric model, and says that the Fortwo ED will come to the US before Europe.

Over 78,000 use the little Smart Cars in Chongqing after just two months.

Car2go says that it is growing faster in its first location in Asia than it did in North America or Europe.

When you start with 89 hp, an extra 18 can actually make a decent difference.

The smaller the car, the easier it is to mess with it.

By the looks of it, Seattle Car2go Smart Fortwos need a "This way up" sticker on them.

Automatic Emergency Braking will be standard on virtually every passenger car sold in America by September of 2022, thanks to a new NHTSA-brokered agreement.

Car sharing group blames the lack of charging infrastructure for the change.

Car2go says it can't provide its electric car sharing fleet with enough energy, so it's switching over to gas vehicles.

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