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Watch what happens when you strap an 1.0L EcoBoost engine to a skateboard and blender. Eddie Sabatini reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.


Truckmaker to air two 30-second spots during Saturday's race.

Ram is partnering with Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby for a major sponsorship that will see the company's products scattered around the legendary event.


"Lila Regera", or "Purple Reign", as the company says.

The purple color fits the 1100-horsepower Swedish supercar exceptionally well.


Up next, 'Why would you want all that range, anyway?'

A new ad for the Nissan suggests skipping the long Tesla Model 3 lines and just getting in a Leaf today.


Johnny-come-lately can try Tesla's autonomous features for free.

For Tesla owners who passed on Autopilot the first time around, they can test it for a month to see if they want it permanently for $3,000.


Audi is back on the Silver Screen for the latest Marvel action movie - but does the new SQ7's role in Captain America: Civil War bode well for its arrival in US showrooms?


Damien Walker nails a remarkable stunt.

Damien Walker, a famed stuntman, backflips over a speeding Formula E electric racecar on video.


Known for its clever adverts, Volvo gets its juices flowing with a little help from others.

Volvo's new "Highway Robbery" advert shows the Swedish carmaker pilfering some free electricity from passing cars.


Sometimes you get a Brit, but it was still a fun talk.

The Swedish Tourist Association wants you to call up a random Swede. So we did.


Wambach was driving a Range Rover, not a Mini, at the time of her arrest.

Mini is pulling its ads featuring former soccer star Abby Wambach after the 35-year-old was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants on Sunday.


Lincoln has a list of about 40,000 people who have expressed interest in the brand's upcoming Continental sedan.


Plus: Analysis on Top Gear and a smaller Ram pickup.

Is the Tesla Model 3 really that big of a deal? Industry experts weigh in.


Any future Mitsubishi plug-in will likely be a CUV.

The arrival of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has been pushed back so many times we've lost count. But now it's really only a few months away. Hopefully.


Hydrogen fuel-cell presented as the superior alt-fuel option in comic strip.

A Japanese magazine published a manga comic highlighting the benefits of the Toyota Mirai to other eco-friendly automobiles. It is, as you'd expect, very strange.


Enjoy watching a Ferrari 488 GTB on the track at night and then sliding around Barcelona in this great video from Pennzoil.


Porsche and other sponsors have suspended ties with Maria Sharapova pending further investigation after the tennis star failed a drug test ahead of the Australian Open.


2016 is good for EV sales, so far.

A new Formula E video showcases its other attractions. EV sales are up for the fourth straight month. Renault EV sales up 104% in January. Nissan 'No Charge to Charge' expands to Orlando.


Tesla drums up demand for its electric SUV by taking it to the people.

Tesla is finally working to build demand for its latest model by offering test drives during a tour of North American cities.


Hope you're ready for 'pro-petroleum transportation messages.'

An unnamed group funded by Koch Industries will attack plug-in vehicle subsidies and promoting fossil fuel transportation, perhaps as soon as this spring.


VeloMetro plans enclosed electric bike sharing in Vancouver

Tesla updates Summon and Autopark features. VeloMetro to launch Veemo sharing in BC. Novozymes splits duties into three divisions. The Nissan Leaf 30 kWh launches in Europe with icy video.


You can pick up your new Chevy at Daytona International Speedway.

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