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It's more than 200 pounds lighter than a Hellcat.

Look for modifications to the steering, suspension, and brakes.


And we're ugly crying.

Warning: may cause dustiness to increase in front of computer screen.


They're pretty much what you'd expect from truck commercials.

Chevy adds Batman to its latest Real People, Not Actors ad. The focus group's reaction to the Lego Batmobile isn't what the caped crusader had in mind.


Where Motor meets Parts through the years.


Nissan, GM get a bit of a pass.

Maybe the automakers no longer believe that they can influence public opinion with a TV ad. Oh, wait.


Oh, boy ...

Some drifting and jumping fun to tide you over until the next Gymkhana.


It may seem out of the blue, but it makes more sense than you might think.


Are these meaningful? Our man says no.

First it was an Alfa Giulia driven with help from a spotter, now a Nissan Juke being flung around with only cameras leading the way. It's dumb.


This is a clever little ad for the Opel Ampera-e.

We laughed. We cried. We wish Chevy would use this in the US.


Don't call it a dealership, because it isn't one. We checked it out.

You can't actually buy Teslas there, but you can learn about them.


All in good fun, right?

Let's go for a ride.


And you can too!

The new Porsche Experience Center in LA has some unique features, including a 1:1 replica of the most iconic corner from the most iconic track.


Here's the teaser before it's unveiled November 21st.

It'll produce a megawatt of power, says NextEV.


Audi's Japanese branch produced this one-off version of the 2017 Audi R8 called the Star of Lucis.


Remember that R8 ad from the Emmys? We lived it.


Toyota uses addressable TV for Prius Prime ads.

Toyota puts Prius Prime ads in specific households. Biodiesel crime doesn't pay. Overhead system charges buses in minutes.


Save for a roll cage, the stunt featured a production model.

With Ben "The Stig" Collins behind the wheel, the Range Rover Sport comes down fast.


FCHEA launches 'Zero Emissions. Zero Compromise.'

Welsh writers love this Welsh FCEV. Singapore's self-driving surge continues. FCHEA touts fuel cell tech in the Northeast.


The R8 E-Tron is dead, long live the E-Tron SUV.

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