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The world's largest automakers are creating cars tailored specifically for the Chinese automobile market. Here are the latest from the Shanghai Auto Show.

The new model debuted this week in Shanghai.

Most variants also feature new engines.

Look for updated styling to complement new engines and transmissions.

Only cosmetic changes distinguish the new Q50.

Lots of retro touches, like the recently departed FJ Cruiser.

The flagship SUV is big but sleek.

Could be the shape of things to come for the QX80.

The former design leader has plans to lead again.

On display in New York

From new paint colors to driver assistance technology.

Lotus isn't just blowing smoke.

This is the fastest road car Lotus has ever built.

Two body styles, and neither is a traditional sedan.

Cars with hatches are cooler than cars with trunks, all other things being equal.

Consistency and brand loyalty, plus volume.

In terms of fan base, brand consistency, and volume, Jeep is actually closer to Apple.

Automaker honors car owner, renames hue Maddox Yellow.

Vandals destroyed the Vauxhall Corsa owned by Peter Maddox because they didn't like its yellow color.

And the Safari Concept hides some 2018 Wrangler easter eggs.

Jeep celebrates its past, present, and future at the 51st annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab.

Tweets from Elon hint at a simple dash layout.

Look for official photos in the next few months.

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