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2013 Volvo S80, XC70 recalled over faulty TPMS

Tire pressure monitoring systems are notoriously persnickety, but an issue found with the TMPS on the 2013 Volvo S80 and XC70 have been deemed worthy of a recall by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Due to a software glitch in possibly 300 of the Volvos (combined), the "TPMS Service Required" light will come on after 15 minutes of driving abo

Nissan's Easy Fill idiot-proofs tire inflation *UPDATE

Nissan is moving to make its Easy Fill Tire Alert system standard equipment on its 2013 model year vehicles. Taking the federally mandated tire pressure monitoring system to the next logical step, the Nissan system honks the car's horn when you've inflated your tires to the correct pressure

Study: One-third of drivers don't know what this dashboard light means

Remember the Ford Explorer/Firestone tire debacle from a decade ago? Thousands of the 'utes rolled-over and much of the blame fell on insufficiently inflated tires, costing the Blue Oval billions of dollars to replace the tires on just about every Explorer still left on the road. The other fallout from Explorer-gate (or Firestone-gate) was institution of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System that's now a legal standard Autoblog Staff

Are intelligent tires in your future?

The last decade has been a boon for technologies like traction and stability control, but the tire itself has remained relatively low tech. Schrader Electronics is reportedly looking to change that equation with a "smart tire" that could be production ready within three years. The electronics company already knows a thing or two about tires, as a self-proclaimed global pioneer of the Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems that stabilize today's trucks and crossovers.

Tire pressure monitoring systems to become mandatory in the EU

The European Union is set to make tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) mandatory in 2012. This measure is intended to not only improve vehicle safety, but also to reduce CO2 emissions. Only correctly inflated tires run with the intended low rolling resistance and hence deliver maximum fuel efficiency - tire manufacturer Continental states says Xavier Navarro

Don't have TPMS? Get a monthly reminder to check tire pressure

While we're quite proud of the audio clips and interviews we throw up on AutoblogGreen, I know that not everyone listens to every thing we record and post. One helpful hint that Michael Martini, president of North American Consumer O.E. for both Firestone and Bridgestone, said during our interview from the Chicago Auto Show was

Need to check your tire pressure? Head to the Internets

Man, for the days of a pressure gauge and a knowledge of your tires correct PSI. Today, if you're thinking about checking out what pressure your ride needs (and you're in the UK), there's a website that can help keep your mileage from suffering due to underinflated tires. Yes, a website.

2008 Ford Focus gets 35 mpg on the highway

The Ford Focus is one of Ford's basic, popular models. For 2008, Ford is happily announcing a 35 mpg-on-the highway number for this year's Focus (unfortunately, that's down from 37 for the 2007 model UPDATE: Sorry, the new EPA system got me here. The 2007 Ford Focus gets between 29-33 mpg using the new numbers, depending on the version). Some people might be excited about the debut of the Ford Sync system

Know about TPMS? You will, and soon

We don't need to tell you that under-inflated tires can zing your mpg for a few percentage points, do we? You know that keeping your tires correctly inflated means you're helping to get the most miles per gallon you can, right? Good, cause it's something we should all know by now, and there are only so many ways to write it.

Siemens VDO wants to monitor your air pressure

Something like SEMA without the Vegas lights and parties, last week's Automechanika trade show in Frankfurt was a chance for parts and service suppliers to strut their stuff before a world audience. More than 165,000 visitors from 130 nations flocked to Frankfurt last week to see what's new in the automotive parts business. One of the highlights was a tire pressure monitor system (TPMS) from Siemens VDO that promises to make it relatively affordable to add this safety feature to just about any v