The last decade has been a boon for technologies like traction and stability control, but the tire itself has remained relatively low tech. Schrader Electronics is reportedly looking to change that equation with a "smart tire" that could be production ready within three years. The electronics company already knows a thing or two about tires, as a self-proclaimed global pioneer of the Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems that stabilize today's trucks and crossovers.

Schrader claims that its Smart Tire tech utilizes sensors on the tire itself that wirelessly transmits data to receivers in the wheel housing and is routed to the vehicle's ECU sensor. Schrader is working with Pirelli to bring its new tire tech to market starting in 2010. The first tire, called 'Cyber Tyre Lean," will transmit pressure, temperature, average load and the number of revolutions.

The company claims that the fully-integrated "Cyber Tyre" will transmit information on "tread depth, pressure and temperature, along with the shape of its footprint and the amount of load it is under, will be combined with precise readings of road conditions to optimize control of the vehicle's dynamics." Schrader expects to offer the Cyber Tyre by 2013. Hit the jump to read over the Schrader Electronics press release.
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Tyres capable of monitoring themselves, road conditions and 'talking' with a vehicle's electronic systems will be available within three years, heralding a revolution in traction technology, according to one of the world's leading automotive sensor developing companies Schrader Electronics.

The development is a quantum leap forward coming just a few years after tyres relied entirely on their mechanical and physical properties for their contribution to a vehicle's driving dynamics. Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) introduced the concept of combining electronic sensors within a vehicle's tyre and have proven to make a significant contribution to safety and fuel efficiency, all cars will be fitted with this technology by law from 2012 But the arrival of this new technology will change the scope of what can be offered by the only direct interface between the post-Space Age technology of a modern car and what ultimately determines how that vehicle behaves, the road surface.

Already global leader in direct TPMS technology and supplier of half the systems on the roads today, Schrader Electronics is once again leading the way with this exciting new development. It centres on a sensor mounted within the inside of the tyre rather than on the valve or wheel rim as with current direct TPMS. It then transmits information wirelessly to receivers mounted in the vehicle's wheel housing and via the car's ECU to the driver.

This enables a raft of previously unobtainable data to be relayed to the vehicle's ABS, ESP and other electronic systems. Information about the tyre's tread depth, pressure and temperature, along with the shape of its footprint and the amount of load it is under, will be combined with precise readings of road conditions, such as the amount of grip available, to optimise control of the vehicle's dynamics.

Schrader's partnership with tyre company Pirelli on this technology will see the first phase of these tyres arriving in the European market during 2010. Called the 'Cyber Tyre Lean', pressure, temperature, average load and the number of revolutions are measured and fed to the vehicle's electronic systems. The fully intelligent tyre, to be called the 'Cyber Tyre' is expected in the marketplace during 2013.

Vice president of business development, Schrader Electronics, Alfonso Di Pasquale, said: "Schrader is the market leader in tyre sensors and this new development continues our commitment to pushing back the boundaries of technology which can enhance a vehicle's safety and the driving experience."

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