Need to check your tire pressure? Head to the Internets

Man, for the days of a pressure gauge and a knowledge of your tires correct PSI. Today, if you're thinking about checking out what pressure your ride needs (and you're in the UK), there's a website that can help keep your mileage from suffering due to underinflated tires. Yes, a website.
Here's how it's supposed to work:

TyreSafe has teamed up with global information solutions provider, Experian, allowing motorists to have access to an online service which supplies the tyre pressures for their vehicle. Motorists just have to log on to, key in their vehicle registration number, and the tyre pressures for both front and rear tyres will be displayed. The free pressure check facility is being provided to motorists in the run up to, and including, tyre safety month which runs throughout the month of October.

I don't know how tires are made in the UK, but don't they have the correct inflation information printed on the side, the way we do here in the US? Do we really need a website that tells you something you can easily figure out by looking at a tire? I don't doubt TyreSafe's statistic that 90 percent of motorists don't know the correct inflation pressures for their tires, but a website that gives them that info, instead of just teaching them to look? I cannot wait until someone adds WiFi to their TPMS and makes that available online. Perhaps add an RSS feed for when your tires are low, send that info to an iPhone and then we'll be living in the future.

[Source: TyreSafe]

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