Don't have TPMS? Get a monthly reminder to check tire pressure

While we're quite proud of the audio clips and interviews we throw up on AutoblogGreen, I know that not everyone listens to every thing we record and post. One helpful hint that Michael Martini, president of North American Consumer O.E. for both Firestone and Bridgestone, said during our interview from the Chicago Auto Show was for people to sign up for a monthly email reminder from (a website sponsored by Bridgestone and Firestone). Once you give them your info, including your email address, the website will send you an email message once a month to go check your tire pressure. While a full tire does make the car safer to driver, correctly-inflated tires also give your vehicle better MPG results than tires that are low on air. If you don't have an automatic TPMS system to let you know when it's time to pump up, let your email push you into action. Those few minutes a month will save you money and make your car a bit greener.
UPDATE: fixed typo.


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