Tesla Model S P85D too tempting to tire shop tech looking for joyride

When taking your car to the shop to get repairs done, you expect a certain amount of courtesy and respect for the vehicle from the technicians. After all, the work is seldom cheap, and you're paying to get it performed by a professional. Most mechanics live up to that code. However, the social contract was broken for a Tesla Model S P85D owner when his dashcam captured a mechanic trying to take his electric sports sedan on a joyride.

According to the YouTube description, the car was having a problem with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensor, and Tesla sent the part to have it installed at a tire shop. Thankfully, the owner exercised some precautions by activating valet mode in the car. That locked the hood and limited the motors' output. The dashcam also recorded as long as the vehicle was on.

After seeing other examples of unscrupulous people getting caught by dashcams, the Model S is hardly alone in being the target of dishonest technicians. But while the behavior in the video isn't wholly surprising, it's still shocking to watch. For an unknown reason, the techs in this case spent an inordinate amount of time trying to pop the hood on the Tesla. Then during the subsequent test drive, one of them also seemingly tried to check out the P85D's lightning-quick acceleration for himself, but the valet mode setting foiled that attempt. In a reply to the original YouTube clip, the owner said that this clip was submitted to the repair shop, and he was "satisfied with their response" without going into detail.

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