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Elon Musk says he tried to sell Tesla to Apple, but Tim Cook snubbed him

He says he'd have sold for a dime on the dollar of current value

Why this could be the perfect time for Apple to make a car play

Quiet on the car front, cash-flush — and the market's ripe for disruption

Quiet on the car front, cash-flush — and the market's ripe for disruption

Sorry, Apple fans: You won't get a self-driving car with spherical wheels

NYT describes how Apple's design ambitions brought down its autonomous car.

Apple's Tim Cook: Self-driving cars part of 'mother of all AI projects'

He talks around the topic while there's plenty of evidence Apple has something in the works.

Apple's Tim Cook doesn't understand auto manufacturing

It's time for the tech world to acknowledge that building cars is not easy.

Cars are vastly more complicated than, and just as difficult to develop as, smartphones. How does Silicon Valley not realize this?

Tim Cook expects 'massive change' in the auto industry

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that it's about time for something to happen with our cars. And it has to do with software. Hint, hint.

Mary Barra thinks GM is a leader in autonomous tech

GM CEO Mary Barra spoke about autonomous tech in a wide-ranging interview, mentioning Cadillac's Super Cruise as well as "confidential" efforts.

Apple CEO plays down shareholder question about buying Tesla

At Apple Watch Meeting, Tim Cook Keeps Things Positive

Apple CEO Tim Cook says Tesla should use CarPlay and that's about it after shareholders ask if Apple should buy the car company.

Apple's Tim Cook says 'more than 40' car models to ship with CarPlay by year end

During Apple's big Spring Forward press conference, CEO Tim Cook announced that every major automaker was now on board with its CarPlay in-vehicle operating system, and that the functionality will arrive on over 40 new cars by the end of the year.

Analyst calls on Apple to buy Tesla

This is the layman's understanding of how the tech world works: come up with an idea; execute idea; start making money; get bought out by Apple, Google or some other wealthy company seeking the Next Big Thing; retire to Fiji at age 23. Occasionally, though, one of those startups grows quickly enough to avoid being bought out by the big boys of Silicon Valley.