In an interview this week at the WSJD Live event in Laguna Beach, California, Tim Cook didn't spend too much time talking about phones and computers. Rather, he chatted about the company's newest and more forward-thinking endeavors like the TV, the Watch and Apple Music. And: he even fielded a few questions about the future of, ahem, cars.

No, he didn't specifically say that Apple was making a car - Cook is obviously too media-savvy to let anything like that slip - but he did say that the auto industry is ripe for change. "It would seem like that there will be a massive change in that industry," he said, and not just an evolutionary one. "When I look at the automobile, I see that software is becoming an increasingly important part of the car of the future." Autonomous driving is becoming more important, he said, and a lot of the major technologies in the car signify a shift away from traditional combustion engines to what he calls the "electrification" of the vehicle. In the short term, Cook said the company already has an automotive solution called CarPlay, which is already deployed in a number of brands in the business. "We want people as they enter the car to have an iPhone experience," he said

A version of this article by Nicole Lee originally ran on Engadget, the definitive guide to this connected life.

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