Apple CEO plays down shareholder question about buying Tesla

At Apple Watch Meeting, Tim Cook Keeps Things Positive

Calls for the hugely profitable computer company Apple to buy electric vehicle maker Tesla go back at least to 2013. That's when analyst Andaan Ahmad from the German bank Berenberg. wrote a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook suggesting the purchase. Nothing was ever made public about movement on such a deal, but we have heard about secret meetings between the two companies.

During Apple's annual shareholder meeting this week, one day after announcing details about the new Apple Watch the company plans to start selling next month, Cook ducked questions from two investors who once again urged him to buy or partner with Tesla. Apple has hired several automotive engineers but has not confirmed reports it may be working on its own electric car. "We're very focused on Car Play," Cook said, referring to Apple software used by several automakers. He said Apple has no current deal with Tesla, although he grinned and said, "I'd love Tesla to pick up CarPlay. We now have every major auto brand committing to use CarPlay."

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The AP contributed to this report.

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