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Bans on texting while driving linked to drop in crash injuries at ERs

This may seem like common sense, but now data backs it up

This may seem like common sense, but now data backs it up.

NYC mayor has his police detail pull over texting driver

It's illegal in NY to use mobile phones while driving

It's illegal in NY to use mobile phones while driving.

One in three U.S. teens admit to texting while driving

'The earlier teens start driving, the earlier they start texting while driving'

"The earlier teens start driving, the earlier they start texting while driving."

Cash may convince some teens to stay off smartphones while driving

Parental threats won't work, but small parental rewards might

Getting teens to put down their phones when they get behind the wheel is no easy task, but a small study suggests that parents may have more luck when they offer cash rewards.

VW turns metal from car wrecks into iPhone cases

A response to a Swedish law aimed at texting and driving

Here's a novel and creative — if slightly eerie — way to get people to think twice about picking up their phones while behind the wheel. Volkswagen is teaming up with brand management company NordDDB in Sweden to make smartphone cases from crumpled metal salvaged from car wrecks caused by texting and driving.

Man gets 2 distracted driving tickets in 8 minutes in Vancouver

He's facing more than $1,200 in total fines. Seriously, put the phone down.

Plus he gets some online shaming.

Apple focuses on safety behind the wheel with iOS 11

Seriously, stop looking at your phone while driving.

Apple tries to prevent texting and driving.

Pokemon Go prompts warnings from feds about distracted driving

NHTSA tweeted fake Pokemon Go images to highlight the dangers of playing while driving.

Mounties use huge camera rig to bust texting drivers

Distracted driving is a scourge on the nation's highways and byways, and texting while driving is one of the biggest problems.

Police officer dresses up like homeless man to catch texting drivers

Maryland drivers who showed a little compassion and payed attention to the road were able to avoid a ticket this week from an undercover officer.

See the dangers of texting while driving in video game format

The free, virtual reality game SMS Racing forces you to text and drive while racing against other cars. A good sense of humor keeps things from getting too serious, though.

Drivers recognize their bad habits, but don't change them

A third of Americans have a family member who was seriously injured in a car crash, but many continue their dangerous driving habits.

Is it illegal to use the Apple Watch while driving? [UPDATE]

In conjunction with the typical Internet feeding frenzy that goes hand in hand with the announcement of each new iPhone, Apple has been cited in countless headlines this week after its debut of its new Apple Watch on September 9. The so-called "smartwatch" is far from an industry first – Samsung, Motorola and Pebble all have models on the market, and who can forget 2003's Fossil Wrist PDA? – but as per usual, Apple's entry is garnerin

UK police move to seize mobile phones after all accidents

There's little question that driving while holding your phone is incredibly dangerous. In the UK alone, some 500 people are estimated to be seriously injured or killed each year because of car and truck drivers using their phones behind the wheel – a staggering figure that is leading British authorities to take controversial action.

NHTSA launches first-ever national distracted driving campaign with brutal ad

It used to be that most of the car-related public service announcements on TV focused on preventing drunk driving and getting people to buckle their seatbelts, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched grisly new ads combatting distracted drivers with the slogan "U Drive. U Text. U Pay." The spots will see heavy rotation in April because it's National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. To further ram the message home, t

Texting And Walking Results In More Injuries Than Texting And Driving

Study found pedestrians experience more injuries per mile

Texting while walking results in more injuries per mile than texting while driving, according to a new study from the University of Buffalo.

Watch how badly you can drive when texting while driving

It's likely that we've all, once in our lives and before it was illegal, sent one teensy tiny text while we were driving. And while the vast majority of us managed to do it without smashing into another car or a tree, the same can't be said for everyone who drives and texts. Ft. Myers, Florida driver Michael Woody, Jr. was so taken with his SMS-ing that his erratic driving caught the attention of police, who began to follow him. Not only did Woody miss the authorities in his rearview, his drivin

Grand Theft Auto-style short ends with distracted driving PSA

Government agencies and private companies alike are trying to get the word out about the dangers of distracted driving. While many – including the recent mini-movie from Wernor Herzog – involve telling the tales of real lives affected by distracted driving, a recent film competition in Ireland gave us something that looks more li

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