We all know the dangers of texting while driving, but studies indicate that the vast majority of people continue to do it anyway. Now, a video game called SMS Racing gives players a firsthand experience of the perils of messing with their phone while behind the wheel.

The goal, like most racing games, is to cross the finish line first. During an event, however, texts pop up and players have 10 seconds to answer them. According to Polygon, if you run out of time, you lose a "friend." Mess up on three of them, and it's game over.

While the message here is serious, SMS Racing keeps the mood light. Icons pop up from other cars when their drivers are texting, which would be a great feature in real life, and the physics model lets the vehicles bounce all over the place. To make this more immersive, the experience is programmed for Samsung's Gear VR goggles, which puts the action right in front of a player's eyes. If you have the necessary equipment, the game can be downloaded for free, here.

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