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Trump again threatens big tariffs on European car imports

"If we can't make a deal, we'll have to put 25% tariffs on their cars"

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to impose high tariffs on imports of cars from the European Union if the bloc doesn't agree to a trade deal. Trump has previously made threats to place duties on European automobile imports, with the intent of receiving better terms in the U.S.-Europe trade relationship. Trump has delayed imposing the tariffs a number of times.

Trump's authority to impose 'Section 232' auto tariffs has lapsed

But Trump could invoke the broad International Emergency Economic Powers Act instead

The clock has run out on President Donald Trump's authority to impose "Section 232" tariffs on imports of foreign-made cars and auto parts, and he may have to find other means if he wants to pursue tariffs on European or Japanese cars, legal experts say. Trump took no action last Thursday as a deadline to impose the national security tariffs of up to 25% on automotive imports from the European Union, Japan or South Korea expired.

Automakers expect Trump to delay tariff decision for Japan and EU

Officials have asked foreign automakers for a tally of investments they've made in the U.S.

Major automakers think U.S. President Donald Trump will again this week push back a self-imposed deadline on whether to put up to 25% tariffs on national security grounds on imported cars and parts from the European Union and Japan amid an ongoing trade war with China, five auto officials told Reuters. The anticipated delay -- expected to be announced later this week -- comes as foreign automakers are eager to highlight U.S. investments to try to dissuade Trump from using tariffs that they argu

Japan's foreign minister: U.S. trade talks bring peace of mind to automakers

Autos make up about two-thirds of Japan's trade surplus with the United States

Japanese foreign minister Toshimitsu Motegi said trade talks with the United States will bring peace of mind to farmers and automakers, according to an interview with public broadcaster NHK aired on Sunday ahead of a key bilateral meeting this week. Motegi handled talks with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer under his previous role as economy minister and is expected to meet him ahead of a summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

How Trump's tariffs have tripped up the all-American RV industry

Tariffs have so far translated into a 5% increase in RV sticker prices for consumers

About 85% of the recreational vehicles sold in the United States are built in and around Elkhart County, making it a popular stop for politicians to tout their visions for U.S. manufacturing – including President Donald Trump, who staged a rally here last May. The industry has taken hits from U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum and other duties on scores of Chinese-made RV parts, from plumbing fixtures to electronic components to vinyl seat covers. Shipments of RVs to dealers have fallen 22% pe

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