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How the Ford EcoSport's rear shelf weighs just 6 pounds but can support 700

The secret is a recycled-paper honeycomb design.

It's strong, eco-friendly, and keeps delicate eggs safe. What's not to like?

Bring a Trailer branches out, launches garage and storage service

There's really no website we like better than Bring A Trailer. In fact, when Congress passes the Stop Online Piracy Act and the corporations shut down everything on the Internet except WhiteHouse.gov, we're probably going to be more upset at losing BaT than our own jobs.

RoboVault protects your car from hurricanes, floods, Apocalypse

RoboVault says its mission is "To protect your most valuable possessions from... Everything!" Run more like an automated shipping port than your typical storage unit, the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based company seems to have the kit to live up to its motto. First you pull your car onto the receiving pallet, then go through a host of security measures including retinal scans and a heartbeat detector. Once you've been approved by the system, a robotic arm comes for your car and removes it to your as

Full Boat: Dormant ships being used as lots for unsold vehicles

Looking for a place to stash tens of thousands of unsold new vehicles, automakers are turning unused car carrier ships into floating parking holds. It's an unusual development, especially in a shipping industry that is used to having boats filled to capacity and running full steam across the seas. As shippers face sharp declines in traffic, the world's fleet of 640 floating car carriers have been forced to make serious adjustments to cut costs and determine ways to absorb extra capacity. With di

VIDEO: Solar-powered Lifepod launched at the Oscars

Before the dozens of gold statuettes were handed out on the big stage the other night there were lots of celebrities milling about at the pre-show events. The one we were most interested in was the 5th Annual Global Green Pre-Oscar Party. There, amongst the Aptera, Fisker Hybrid, and

Arizona State extending fuel cell-life with antifreeze

Researchers at Arizona State University, working on prolonging the life of hydrogen fuel-cells by increasing hydrogen storage density, have hit upon a new chemical combination to achieve their goal. By taking sodium borohydride which is used to store the hydrogen, and adding to it a chemical found in antifreeze, the researchers have found that the fuel-cell can generate more electricity without chemical by-products inhi

Pimp my Garage

Like most households, your garage is probably a messy repository for all the junk you don't want kicking around the house. That may be fine for the average family, but for the car nut it's tantamount to a crime against humanity. (Or against automobiles, anyway.) If your car-hole isn't exactly the spick-and-span shrine for your wheels that you'd like it to be, there is help out there.

A call to URGE - Use Renewably Generated Electricity, Efficiently

In a lengthy, two-part editorial, David Roberts, a staff writer at Grist, presents his position on unifying the green lobby around the flag of URGE2: Use Renewably Generated Electricity, Efficiently. He is expecting bumper stickers and t-shirts - here's why.

Low-car diet: too much stuff

I think the hardest thing, so far, about reducing my dependence on my car is all my stuff. Not only do I have the typical human things to take with me everywhere -- money, cell phone, spare clothes, beverages, books, laptop, power cord, camera, knitting, all those things I might use while I'm out -- but then there are my two young children, and all their gear.