Pimp my Garage

Like most households, your garage is probably a messy repository for all the junk you don't want kicking around the house. That may be fine for the average family, but for the car nut it's tantamount to a crime against humanity. (Or against automobiles, anyway.) If your car-hole isn't exactly the spick-and-span shrine for your wheels that you'd like it to be, there is help out there.

PremierGarage provides a simple and easy solution. Its packages include a proprietary floor-coating system in your choice of sixteen colors and finishes. Cabinets are mounted above the floor to prevent insects from nesting beneath them, and have robust adjustable shelves mounted with steel hardware. After a meeting with a PremierGarage design consultant, who'll create your dream garage on computer based on your tastes and needs, you place the order, and they come and install it. Most packages can be installed in one day, and presto! You've got your dream garage, or at least the closest you're ever going to get to a Garage Mahal.

PremierGarage has locations across the US and Canada, so if you live in North America, there's bound to be one near you. You can go nuts and spend more than $40,000, but PremierGarage says their average job comes in around $3,500.

[Source: PremierGarage via Luxist]

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