RoboVault says its mission is "To protect your most valuable possessions from... Everything!" Run more like an automated shipping port than your typical storage unit, the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based company seems to have the kit to live up to its motto. First you pull your car onto the receiving pallet, then go through a host of security measures including retinal scans and a heartbeat detector. Once you've been approved by the system, a robotic arm comes for your car and removes it to your assigned steel mesh container in the bowels of the building.

Those 465 units are surrounded by a concrete-and-steel-reinforced building that can withstand bullets, fires, Category 5 hurricanes, and 200-mph winds. When the inevitable hurricane does come in for a landing, power outages are countered by RoboVault's back-up generator, which maintains 100 percent of the building's systems including the HVAC, motion and infrared detectors.

There are safe deposit boxes for smaller items, storage for 4,000 bottles of your finest hooch and a wine tasting operation if you have some time to kill after parking your exotic. And with all that, your Ferrari might be better prepared -- and more comfortable -- than you are the next time Mother Nature decides to bring the nasty.

[Source: MotoBullet]

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