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Uber board member resigns - made sexist remark at meeting on sexism

He said it didn't come off the way he had intended.

Welsh bus company pulls topless-model 'ride me' ads

Cardiff-based New Adventure Travel bus company has pledged to take down its controversial billboards following a public backlash against the objectification of women.

Is TrueCar's new female car shopper ad sexist? [w/poll]

TrueCar is getting bashed in both traditional and social media venues over a 30-second ad that's gone viral due to what some perceive as sexist overtones. The ad features a number of women talking about using TrueCar for their latest vehicular purchase, and how the website takes the "anxiety" out of buying a car. It ends with the line, "I don't need to bring a dude with me."

German town doles out parking spaces based on sex

Triberg, Germany is known for having the world's largest cuckoo clock and the country's tallest waterfalls. And now, it's known for having gender-specific parking spaces.