German town doles out parking spaces based on sex

Triberg, Germany is known for having the world's largest cuckoo clock and the country's tallest waterfalls. And now, it's known for having gender-specific parking spaces.

After the town's newest public parking lot opened, Triberg mayor Gallus Strobel decided at least two of the spots were hard to get into, "They could be dangerous for your car, so at the same time, we decided to make them for me and then give 12 others for women," Strobel said. Women get the larger, better lit spots.

He admits most of the town thinks it's a joke, and that he does, too. But he says women are welcome to attempt parking in the men's spots but that it won't be easy for them. "Like my secretary. Five time she tried and no success," Strobel said.

The mayor admits the parking rule is out of bounds and controversial, but he hopes it brings the town a little more notoriety. "Perhaps many more people would like to come and not only see our waterfalls but try our parking," he said. "It's a marketing idea and it works. I cannot work this week with all this publicity."

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