TrueCar is getting bashed in both traditional and social media venues over a 30-second ad that's gone viral due to what some perceive as sexist overtones. The ad features a number of women talking about using TrueCar for their latest vehicular purchase, and how the website takes the "anxiety" out of buying a car. It ends with the line, "I don't need to bring a dude with me."

The backlash, particularly on TrueCar's Facebook page has been pretty severe, with angry women firing away at the service over the spot. In response to the bad press it's been getting on sites like BuzzFeed and AdWeek, TrueCar's PR agency, PGCCampbell, and the company's founder and CEO, Scott Painter, issued the following statement:

"Regardless of race or gender, being a more informed car buyer benefits consumers. TrueCar supplies a hassle-free experience for both men and women by providing car-buying information the public can't get elsewhere.

This particular ad is pro-consumer and pro-women. It was developed by our creative director, who is a woman, and it addresses a real consumer issue in the marketplace."

Judge for yourself by screening the video below. Then vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in Comments. Has TrueCar been watching a bit too much Mad Men, or are people overreacting?

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