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Rinspeed 969 looks like a 930 Turbo seduced a Testarossa

But the Rinspeed predates the Ferrari and the Porsche 959

Rinspeed bringing kooky SNAP concept to Geneva

Skateboard with a passenger pod on top, and mint for your beverages

Rinspeed unveils its Snap mobility ecosystem for the Geneva Motor Show, consisting of an EV 'skateboard' and a configurable passenger pod on top.

CES 2018 brings a buffet of automotive tech — here's a taste

Automakers and suppliers will again expose an excess of innovations in Las Vegas

For going on three decades, CES is the reason I don't make New Year's resolutions, like going on a diet or quitting drinking. While I realize that this is certainly a champagne problem, heading to Vegas is not my ideal way to kick off the new year. Or even end it, since I'm not a fan of Sin City. Whereas most people go to Vegas expecting to pig out on all-you-can-eat buffets and engage in all-night drinking and gambling binges, I've made the trek since 1989 to consume as much as I c

Rinspeed makes a modular autonomous box called the Snap

It's coming to CES.

It can be a bus, a store or a tent.

Rinspeed Oasis Concept Vehicle | Autoblog Minute

The all-electric fully autonomous vehicle is heading to CES and the North American International Auto Show.

Rinspeed Oasis is your electric, autonomous concept vehicle with a garden

Remember to park it in the sun.

Perfect for violinists and pizza delivery drivers.

Rinspeed reveals the jack-of-all-trades Oasis concept

The Oasis is perfect for people that hate leaving their house.

Swiss design company plans to bring the concept to next year's CES.

The Rinspeed Etos is a BMW i8 that drives itself and comes with a drone

For its latest project, the Swiss imagineers at Rinspeed transformed a BMW i8 into the autonomous Etos concept, complete with onboard drone landing pad and other high-tech wizardries.

Rinspeed bringing Etos concept to CES

Rinspeed is breaking with tradition by bringing a new concept to CES in Las Vegas. The self-driving Etos sports car has a drone-sized helipad in back, and begging more questions than it's answering at the moment.

Rinspeed Budii Concept is a rolling smorgasbord of future tech [w/video]

There's a strange dichotomy going on inside the Rinspeed Budii Concept, like the robotic arm that manually winds a watch embedded in the dash when a camera notices that it's low on power. Seriously.

Rinspeed issues its Budii call for Geneva [w/video]

Rinspeed has once again brought together a coalition of suppliers to create something unique for the Geneva Motor Show, this time based on the BMW i3 and packed with autonomous tech.

Rinspeed previews Budii concept ahead of Geneva show

Every year Frank Rinderknecht and his team at Rinspeed come to the Geneva Motor Show with another fantastical concept car, and next year's will be no exception. Though the show may still be several months away, the Swiss outfit is already giving us a glimpse of what to expect.

Rinspeed XchangE points the way forward for secure, autonomous EV driving [w/video]

If there're features that have great potential to sell the public at large on the concept of self-driving cars, we're guessing that cozy, rear-facing seats and a gigantic in-car 4K television are high on the list. If you've heard of the Swiss company Rinspeed, you almost certainly associate it with outlandish concept cars, and this XchangE autonomous

Rinspeed details Tesla-based autonomous XchangE concept for Geneva [w/video]

Like it or not, the age of the self-driving autonomous automobile is just around the corner. But what form will a car's cabin take when the emphasis is taken off of human operation? That's the question that Rinspeed aims to answer with the XchangE concept. Previewed two months ago, Rinspeed has now revealed details, photos and even video footage of the s

Rinspeed prepares for autonomous driving with XchangE concept

We may still be several months off from next year's Geneva Motor Show, but with Frankfurt well behind us, European automakers are already counting down the days. And you know what that means, boys and girls: that's right, another outside-of-the-box concept from Rinspeed.

Rinspeed MicroMax Concept offers cheerfully wacky public transportation

The Geneva Motor Show never does lack for high-minded and/or wacky concept cars, and throughout the years Rinspeed has done more than its fair share to add to the inventive environs. With plucky iconoclasts like the BamBoo, Seyth Miersma

Rinspeed bringing microMAX swarm car to Geneva

A few months ago Switzerland's relentless tinkerer Rinspeed clued us into the coming of the microMAX, its latest vision of the evolution of personal and public transport. The company has unleashed all the details and a refined set of images of the "swarm intelligence" rolling cubicle before its reveal at the Jonathon Ramsey

Rinspeed to unveil Micromax space pod EV concept in Geneva

Switzerland's Rinspeed does its thing every year at the Geneva Motor Show, annually revealing another left-field solution for urban motoring. In 2010, it was the Fiat-500-esque UC?, 2011 saw the debut of the otherworldly Jonathon Ramsey

In Detail: Rinspeed

Even if you've never heard of Swiss automotive think tank Rinspeed, don't be surprised if you've seen some of their funky concepts before. Since 1979, they have put out more than twenty concept vehicles that challenge the status quo of transportation. Many of their ideas are wild. But they don't just theorize them as drawings on paper, they actually build them. A famous Walt Disney quote is proudly displayed on Rinspeed's website t

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